It has shown me that everything is illuminated in the light of the past.

It is always along the side of us... on the inside, looking out !  

_Jonathan Safran Foer



Vintage only

As leaders of the New Renaissance, you have a duty to surround yourself with greatness. To honor your success we live by our mantra “Perfection through Sacrifice”.  Our promise to you is always to remain a 'Vintage-only' brand, meaning we produce our Champagne only in years of very exceptional harvests. This is our way of celebrating your courage, determination, and vision.




La Société

For many generations some of the brightest minds and most courageous hearts of the Western and Eastern hemispheres assembled in secrecy to discuss philosophies, ideas and technological innovations.

Their sole purpose was to propel mankind further into an age of true prosperity, abundance, and freedom.

Every member of Satori Le Vent is sworn to secrecy, yet it is widely known that each success of La Société is luxuriously celebrated with the most exquisite Vintage Champagne ever produced by men.

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Live illuminated

Live your truth and you shall shine greatness upon the world. You are the avant-garde, the pioneers of the New Renaissance. Your courage, creativity, and vision illuminates the new path You are the gifted generation, the new mold made of light Embrace love, pursue pleasure.

Join us #liveILLUMINATED